Somtam – Thai Spicy Papaya Salad

Have you ever had Somtam before?

You should if you have been to Thailand at least once.

There are so many types of Somtam but the most popular one is “Som-tam Thai” which contains garlic, chilies, fried peanuts, green papaya, green pea, and tomatoes. How good it is for nutrition and for your health?

Well, Somtam, Thai Papaya Salad, is made from shredded green papaya. This specialty delicacy consists of five main flavors of Thai local cuisine such as sweet from palm sugar, sour from lime, dried hot chili, salt, and savory fish sauce.

a Thai green papaya salad with brined rice paddy crabs
Somtam Pu – Thai Spicy Papaya Salad

It has become famous in Southeast Asia and is well known internationally. There is no record of when Somtam or Thai papaya salad first came into being but this delicacy is quite popular among Thai people. Thais young and old like to have Somtam with ‘Kao Neuy’ or sticky rice.

So, when you are here in Thailand, do not miss delicious Somtam!

Thai Wikipedia
Picture from Thai

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