How important is a cabin tag in India?

If you have traveled to India, you might have experienced Indian Airport rules and regulations. Also, if you are planning to go there, one thing that I would love to share with you is about the importance of cabin tags in India.

How important is a cabin tag in India? It is really, really significant here. The number of handbags you carry on board will exactly match the number of cabin tags in your hand. Without a cabin tag before flying, you might have to choose to miss the flight or throw that handbag. This is no joke because this is all for on-board and airport security.

So, it’s very important that after checking in at your flight counter you just do not to forget to ask for cabin tags before going through the security checks before entering the boarding gates.


อินเดียเคบินแทค India Cabin Tag


กระเป๋าใบเล็กต้องติดเคบินแทคก่อนขึ้นเครื่อง   Handbag with Cabin Tag
How many cabin Tag will you get after India trip? 🙂
Military Airport, Assam

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