Yummy Thai Food “Guay Jab”

As strange as it sounds, “Guay Jab” or “Kuay-Chap” is the legend of foods that started between 1368 – 1644 A.D. as military food in southern china and later evolved to become Thai food after Tais migrated from China to Thailand.

Although Guay Jab doesn’t belong to the main palate, you can still add it to your main course meal. The noodle type is quite different from other noodles as they are freshly made from flour. There are two types of soups to go with that fresh noodle and they are the clear soup type and the dark savory soup that’s boiled with Chinese herbs medicine.

As for my favorite one, it’s the Guay Jab that’s served with the dark Chinese herbal soup and consists of soy sauce, boiled eggs, crispy pork, fried tofu, regular pork and sometimes Hog intestine. The Guay Jab noodle soup is one of the well-known local foods, especially for noodle lovers, in Thailand. Do not miss out on a chance to savor this delicacy while travelling in Thailand.



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