Bamee Leung Nam – Yellow Noodle Soup

Living in a tourist hub like Phuket means everything is overpriced to a certain extent. Along your this journey or this trip or even your life you need to learn how to economize wherever you go and food as important line item on your tourist budget or any budget for that matter that you economize on.

Bamee Leung is a kind of noodle that’s used in making noodle soup. The word ‘Leung’ means ‘Yellow’ in Thai.  So, Bamee Leung is yellow noodle made of flour and egg which gives it its yellow color.

The moment after mixing the noodle with chili paste, lemon and crispy peanut when you smell fresh lemon and spices instantly rejuvenates your tastes buds and the hot soup helps you recoup some of your energy you lost from your day’s work.  And a few minutes into your slurping through the soup and noodle you start sweating but you can’t stop eating and it’s because the taste of testing Thai Tom Yum Spicy Noodle Soup fills you up. The yummy street food stalls are always busy when they serve Bamee Leung Nam.

Now, about nutrition, yellow noodle soup is particularly nutritious because of the red pork and kale that’s generously served with each serving and even though you are having Bamee Leung from a street food stall, rest assured that your nutrition quotient is taken care of.

You can very well enjoy the Bamee Leung Nam inside an air-conditioned mall but the experience of having it at a street food stall is beyond compare.  Today I had my heart’s full of yellow noodle soup for lunch and it cost me a meager 40 baht for one serving.


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