Thai Coconut Ice Cream Bun

It was raging hot in Phuket today and we’ve been walking under the blazing sun around Phuket Town when I came across the Ice Cream Bun man. Ice Cream buns are sought after treats in Phuket when the sun shows no mercy. You can enjoy coconut ice cream served to you in a hotdog bun... Continue Reading →


Bamee Leung Nam – Yellow Noodle Soup

Living in a tourist hub like Phuket means everything is overpriced to a certain extent. Along your this journey or this trip or even your life you need to learn how to economize wherever you go and food as important line item on your tourist budget or any budget for that matter that you economize... Continue Reading →

Yummy Thai Food “Guay Jab”

As strange as it sounds, “Guay Jab” or "Kuay-Chap” is the legend of foods that started between 1368 – 1644 A.D. as military food in southern china and later evolved to become Thai food after Tais migrated from China to Thailand. Although Guay Jab doesn’t belong to the main palate, you can still add it... Continue Reading →

Somtam – Thai Spicy Papaya Salad

Have you ever had Somtam before? You should if you have been to Thailand at least once. There are so many types of Somtam but the most popular one is "Som-tam Thai" which contains garlic, chilies, fried peanuts, green papaya, green pea, and tomatoes. How good it is for nutrition and for your health? Well,... Continue Reading →

One of the most popular parks in Phuket is Sapan Hin.  It is not only a good place for a family sundown picnic and a sunrise spectacle but also a place where teenagers can hang around with friends.  A favorite pastime of Phuket locals is to spend time in the evening here while enjoying the... Continue Reading →

Durga Puja: A Journey to Assam

A Journey to India India is one of the most mysterious places in the world where many wish to go. For me it is truly strange.  I don't remember how many times I went there. If you wish to go to India, I would recommend you plan your trip in the winter time or in the... Continue Reading →

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